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Independent brand and marketing agency

Embrace was founded in 2012 with a powerful commitment to creating a business and professional services agency that went further and did more.

We knew that our business would be media neutral, that our work would be predicated on deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and sectors – and that we would bring true creativity to every project that we worked on.

Now we have created a strong, inclusive and distinctive team that really punches above its weight.

We’re big enough to enjoy a diverse range of talent with experienced specialists in every salient territory.

Yet we’re small enough to be agile and truly entrepreneurial.

And we’re proud to say that every single one of us - including the business owners - rolls up their sleeves and works directly with our clients.

Even though the team spans multiple continents, we’re a small, close-knit company which makes us very easy to deal with.

Above all we are dedicated to making outstanding work – it’s why we come here every day.

You will always have a senior member of the team, and in most cases a company director working on your business.

And we are obviously getting it right: we’ve won multiple awards and are delighted to be able to say that some of our clients have kept us close for over a decade.



Our head office is in London. That’s where you'll find our strategy, account management, creative and design teams.


South Africa

We have tech centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. This enables us to bring senior, experienced developers to our clients’ projects at a very competitive rate. Importantly, a common time zone and a shared language mean that we are always able to work seamlessly together.


Specialist skills

We are lucky to have built up a diverse family of partners, both individuals and long-established teams, who we have worked with for many years as closely-embedded members of the team - and we can call on their talents whenever the need arises.

This gives us direct access to specialist skills such as photography, copywriting, film and audio production, specialist animation and specialist design services whenever our clients need them.

Our Founders

Simon Davies

Managing Director

Simon is one of Embrace’s founding partners, and his greatest achievement continues to be that Embrace remains a thriving independent agency. Experiencing different business cultures around the world – along with sampling the local wines - keeps Simon interested. When he’s not driving Embrace forward, he can often be found ferrying his kids around as their personal taxi driver.

Paul Turner

Creative Director

Paul is a founding partner at the agency and brings over 25 years’ experience to his role as creative director, strategist and copywriter. In that time he’s seen design trends come and go, but continues to get excited about how the best creative ideas can persuade. When he’s not crafting a laser-sharp proposition for a brand, he can often be found enjoying his passion for cycling and sporting ill-fitting lycra.

Paul Wreford-Brown

Digital Director

Paul is a founding partner of Embrace and brings over 20 years industry experience to his role as head of all things digital. His appetite for taking on big projects, smashing out great results, and making the young guns look a bit slack is also reflected in his passion for long distance running. When he’s not doing that, he likes to grow things – either in the garden, or in his cryptocurrency portfolio.

Some of the London team

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