What’s your background?

I’m from Italy, where I studied economics. When I moved to England I studied digital marketing at UCL. I was as an account manager at an advertising agency then at a newsroom and content distribution platform for brands. About three years ago I transitioned into product management. I think I’ve found like my sweet spot where I work between developers, stakeholders and designers.

What does your role at Embrace involve?

I'm a Digital Product Manager, working closely with our developers and clients. I deal with scoping, scheduling, taking responsibility for outsourced development work and making sure the project fulfils the brief. After delivery, I support clients in using their content management systems with demos and user guidance.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Working with great people. Being part of a team is important to me, and the people at Embrace are all nice. I think it's important, especially in my role, to be part of a good environment, because you deal with a lot of things. And of course there’s nothing better than working towards and achieving the same goal together.

Do you like remote working or coming into the office?

I think nowadays it's a mixture of both. it's nice now to have a bit of flexibility and have the possibility to work from home when you want to be more focused. But having started in a new role, I am missing the office [on home working days] as I like to meet and speak with people.

Name one item you couldn’t live without

Sadly, it's probably my phone. I broke my phone a couple of days before starting the new job, and it was a nightmare. All my documentation for travelling to the UK: flight tickets, NHS covid pass, covid test, and passenger locator form was on my phone. And to recover some of those documents certain websites were asking for a mobile verification code...

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation, without a doubt. I think there is nothing more annoying than spending two hours in an airport

What’s your favourite movie?

I really like the Coen Brothers’ movies and never tire of watching The Big Lebowski

Who would be your dream dinner party guest?

Bill Murray.

Any side projects?

I'm working with my cousin who is a comic book artist, on a graphic novel for kids. It’s about a crew of pirates with mental illness in a fantasy world.