BMO Global Asset Management

Articulating ESG credentials

Deliverables: Campaign strategy / Positioning / Messaging / Digital advertising

BMO Global Asset Management - ESG Digital Advertising

The Challenge

BMO GAM takes responsible investing seriously and has an impressive ESG heritage. However, the investment market was relatively unaware of their capabilities in this space. We worked with them to create a consistent messaging platform and a punchy campaign to promote their "Responsible Investing" expertise.

The Insight

Like a lot of Asset Managers, when it came to talking about the depth of their responsible expertise, or the different work they do and extent of the offering they have — there was no clear articulation and a lot of confusion throughout the business.

We deep-dived into what they offer, creating a clear narrative that not only said what they did, but really focused on why it was important and how it fits into the bigger picture. We worked directly with a team that consisted of representatives from the responsible investing team, distribution and marketing, to ensure that we were creating something that worked for their different objectives and audiences.


The Solution

The campaign focused on how when it came to responsible investing, BMO GAM were the right choice as they have a specialist capability in this area, honed and developed over many years that is central to their business. With a backdrop of increased greenwashing in the industry, BMO GAM were being transparent and clear on how they define responsible and what their customers should expect.


The Results

Asset Management Marketing Awards


For responsible proposition development

Brand association with Responsible Investing


Greater in 18 months

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