ETF Stream

Digital platform built with Umbraco

Deliverables: Website built with Umbraco CMS

ETF Stream

The Challenge

ETF Stream is the leading media brand for everything related to Exchange Traded Funds. Our brief was to improve on the existing basic Wordpress site by developing a more sophisticated website that could provide a platform for commercial growth.

The Insight

The primary focus of the website is to inform and engage visitors around ETF related content, specifically news articles and events. We looked at how we could improve the visitor experience by better linking of content. A more deeply engaged audience would mean more articles and reports read, more events attended and ultimately a greater opportunity for ETF Stream to monetise content through advertising.

The Solution

We developed a powerful publishing platform that enables writers and editors to deliver daily news and in-depth features and reports. The events team manage regular well attended events and the commercial team can run and report on advertising campaigns for their clients.

Built on Umbraco we improved the website features by:

  • Developing a more advanced article and news publishing system, including the automatic connection and inter-linking of companies, people and products within the content alongside a sophisticated category management and tagging system. This ensured there is always a next step to the visitor and an engaging browsing experience.
  • Building a powerful event management system, enabling ETF Stream to promote their events and manage the registrations effectively.
  • Including data-capture and lead generation with the ability to gate content and reports to encourage sign-ups.
  • Adding a robust advertising platform, facilitating the commercialisation of the website.
  • Providing detailed analytics on audience breakdown and usage.

The Results

June 2022 vs June 2019



Increase in Users



Increase in sessions

Page views


Increase in page views

Bounce rate


Reduction in bounce rate

Avg. time on page


Increase in avg. time on page

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