Foundation Home Loans

Website and Digital Strategy

Deliverables: Digital strategy / Website design / Development and build

Foundation Home Loans Website and Digital Strategy

The Challenge

Foundation Home Loans is a specialist mortgage lender, lending via brokers to customers looking for buy to let or other specialist mortgage products.

The challenge was to use digital to attract and support mortgage brokers in placing a case with Foundation Home Loans.

The Insight

We reviewed the digital infrastructure and also reviewed the broker and competitor landscape and then we devised an action plan to improve how “digital marketing" could empower broker engagement. The requirements were:

  • As a new name in the market we need to portray trust and transparency
  • We need to build engagement with brokers and support their journey to doing business
  • We need to transform offline processes to digital to facilitate more efficient transactions

The Solution

We re-designed and developed the website using Umbraco CMS platform.

We used Acoustic Marketing Cloud as the digital marketing platform.

This enabled us to:

  • Build a full broker registration system that integrated into CRM and marketing streams
  • Create automated welcome and nurture email programs to guide and support brokers in their customer journeys
  • Add personalisation to the website, so we could show targeted content to brokers based on their profiles, this was used effectively for cross selling and promoting registration
  • We created brand and product videos, to provide compelling introductions to Foundation Home Loans' key business areas
  • We introduced a regional directory enabling brokers to find and interact with their local sales representatives
  • We added a broker hub to the website with content that could be used to attract and engage brokers, this included: News, Events and Industry thinking
  • We built sticky features that were optimised for search engines including affordability calculators and interactive product illustrations
  • We added lead scoring and lead alerts that were sent to the internal sales team when brokers behaviour showed they could be interested in transacting
  • We developed targeted landing pages that support advertising and search campaigns.

The Results

The results are outstanding, and enabled Foundation Home Loans to post record business levels with consistent ongoing improvement.

Our work was also recognised by the leading industry publication Mortgage Introducer and won the coveted Marketing Campaign of the Year at their annual awards ceremony.



Increase in Brand recall in 6 months


Increase in site visitors


Increase in mortgage application in 5 months


A huge thank you for everything you’ve done, feedback from the business has been great.

People love the look of it and find the new website easy to navigate.

Hannah Connolly / Digital Marketing Manager

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